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A Listening Dance

A kinesthetic poem:

walking tour + pod play + small dance.


A Listening Dance is an experiment in kinesthetic listening. Through audio cues, audiences are invited to reflect on the daily choreographies that permeate our urban environment.


Presented as part of the International Dance Day programming on April 29, 2022, audience members are invited to walk through the city blocks surrounding Scotiabank Dance Centre, choosing their route as they go. Participants will need a smartphone or other portable device with streaming capability & headphones. 


Maker & performer: Alana Gerecke

Outside eyes: Noemie Lafrance, Lee Su-Feh, Raïna von Waldenburg

Supported through the Scotiabank Dance Centre's Artist-in-Residence program & a Jack and Doris Fellowship in the Humanities (Urban Studies, SFU)

See Janet Smith's write up in Stir.

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